Google Trends Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide

Google Trends Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide

March 2, 2023

Google Trends has become a common name in the past years. Dropshippers first did not know how Google Trends could help them scale their business. Google trends dropshipping has become a well-known concept now. More drop shippers use Google trends to conduct market research. It also helps them find trending products. Let’s read more about Google Trends dropshipping 2023.

Everything You Need to Know About Dropshipping Google Trends

Google Trends is a free research and analytical tool by Google. It allows you to search for products and find out about their popularity. You can study the trends by time, location, and season. Google Trends has become popular among drop shippers searching for and sourcing products.

Drop shippers can use Google Trends to study the popularity patterns of products. You have to mention the product’s name in the search bar to know more about it. Or, you can scroll down to find already trending products.

How Google Trends Help Dropshipping

The best thing about Google Trends is that it links to Google searches. So, when a user searches for something on Google, Google Trends record that data. Then, it uses that data to provide information to drop shippers. Drop shippers can find all information about recent trends on Google Trends. It provides you with details of all products you want to research. So, you can decide better for your store.

Moreover, the data is not scattered. You can filter the products according to your need or choice. For example, you can find data about a specific product. Or, you may check what’s trending globally right now. It provides ease to all drop shippers looking to find the perfect products for their eCommerce store. Specific searches provide you with particular data about a product or trend. Here’s what you can know how:

Interest Over Time

The Interest Over Time graph shows that consumers have shown interest in the past. You can adjust the time range per your choice. It can be as specific or generic as you want. Drop shippers can find hour-old data as well as years-old trends and interests.

Interest by Region

This graph on Google Trends for dropshipping shows popular regional products. It tells how users perceive a product in a particular country or region. It may depict their interest and buying power. This graph is supporting evidence when targeting an audience in a particular area.

A map displays interest by region. If you change the settings and view the feedback about search volumes, you may get more concise data. High search volumes show that the product is popular in that region. Optimize your location settings to match the target areas.


Comparison data on Google Trends helps you compare two or more products. You can compare their popularity over time and region. It works best for sellers confused between two products similar to each other.

Related Topics and Queries

We often ignore related topics on Google. But, related topics and queries on Google Trends can be advantageous in dropshipping. They show further insights into the products. You may also find other relevant data about similar products. We will discuss all these further in the article.

Related topics and queries display keywords often in the same Google Trends dropshipping products niches.Just like the other search parameters, a high percentage rating or a high search volume indicates high interest.

You can use this data to find other popular products to sell in your dropshipping store. If you set the filter to ‘rising,’ you may also discover emerging winning products for dropshipping. You can get on them before your competitors do.

Emerging Demand Graphs in Google Trends

A graph is used to represent this trend indicator. The level of interest is represented on the vertical axis by numbers ranging from 0 to 100. A value of 0 indicates no or negligible interest, while a value of 100 indicates the greatest level of interest.

In reality, very few products can sustain a 100 per cent interest. However, any product with a level of interest above 50 is worth considering.

There are types of graphs that you should know:

        I.Smooth Curve

If the trend curve remains consistent all year, it indicates that you are likely to record a good customer base for the majority of the year. However, target a high-interest level.

      II.Continuous Variations in the Curve

A trend curve with many ups and downs indicates interest inconsistency. This is not always a bad thing. But be cautious when there is a significant percentage difference between highs and lows.

   III.Consistent Increase

A continuous increase in the graph indicates that this product in Google trends dropshippingis rising. The earlier you begin dropshipping it, the better your chances of profiting from the trend.

   IV.Seasonal Spikes

Seasonal spikes are common with products that users only require at certain times of the year. For example, warm clothes may see a seasonal increase in popularity in October.

      V.A single spike

This curve typically displays one or two spikes in involvement in the past. The graph then drops below 25 and stays there. It denotes a product that is no longer popular and should be reconsidered.

Using Google Trends for Market Research

Conducting market research is an important step in starting a successful dropshipping business. It helps you understand what products are in demand. It also tells you about untapped beneficial niches. Google Trends is a valuable tool for conducting market research. You can checkthe performance of specific keywords over time. Here’s how you can use Google Trends for market research:

Identifying Popular Product Categories

The first step in using Google Trends for dropshippingis identifying popular product categories. You can do this by searchinggoogle trends dropshipping products. Then, compare the search volume of different keywords in the category. To use Google trends for market research:

  1. Enter a keyword related to the product category you’re interested in
  2. Select the appropriate geographic region
  3. Google Trends will show you a graph of the search volume for that keyword over time

You can also compare the search volume of various keywords to see popular ones.

For example, you’re interested in starting a dropshipping business that sells home decor. You can use Google Trends to compare the search volume of keywords. This can help you determine which product categories with high demand.

Finding Untapped Niches

The next step is to find untapped niches within the best categories. You can do this by finding subcategories of Google Trends dropshipping product categories. It is better to pick categories with low competition.

Let’s say you have determined that wall art is a popular category according to the keyword “wall art.” You can use Google Trends to see subcategories of wall art. This could include niche styles of wall art likemid-century modern or bohemian. It may also show wall art made from specific materials, such as recycled wood or glass.

Analyzing the Data to Make Informed Decisions

Lastly, it is important to analyze the data you have gathered from Google Trends. Use it to make better decisions about your product selection. This may involve focusing on specific product categories or niches. The categories must have high demand orhelp distinguish your business.

Using Google Trends to Track Product Performance

Running a profitable dropshipping business requires monitoring the performance of particular products. It enables you to make data-driven decisions about what to sell. Google Trends is a valuable tool for tracking product performance. UseGoogle trends products 2023 search totrack product performance.


Enter the name of the product you are interested in. Next, select the appropriate geographic region to use Google Trends. It shows a graph of the product’s search volume over time. You can also check which products are more popular by search volume comparison.

For example, let’s say you’re running a dropshipping business that sells outdoor gear. You can use Google Trends to see how different popular types of outdoor gear are by comparing the search volume of keywords like “tent,” “sleeping bag,” and “backpack.” This can help you determine which products are in high demand.

Monitoring the Performance

The next step after product identification is to monitor their performance over time. You can use dropshipping Google Trendsto see if the demand for a particular product is high or trending downward. This can help you make informed decisions about what to stock in your store.

Optimizing your Product Selection

The data from Google Trends can helpmake data-driven decisions about what to sell. It may involve stocking more of the products that are in high demand. You can then phase out the products that are trending downward.

Using Google Trends to Transform your Marketing Strategies

Using Google Trends is beneficial inupdating and modifying your marketing strategies. It is an effective way to reach and engage with your target audience. You can create content that resonates with your audience and drives sales. Here’s how you can use Google Trends to inform your marketing strategies:

Picking Popular Keywords and Hashtags

The first step in using Google Trends to update your marketing strategies is to find popular keywords and hashtags related to your product or industry. You can do this by using the Google Trends tool. It allows you to compare the search volume of different keywords and hashtags over time.

Using Popular Keywords and Hashtags

Once you’ve identified popular keywords and hashtags, you need to incorporate them into your marketing content. This can include social media posts, email campaigns, blog posts, and more. Using popular keywords and hashtags can increase the visibility and reach of your content. Thus, making it more likely to be seen by your target audience.

Modifying Marketing Strategies

Its time to monitor the progress and make changes. You can use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. They enable you to see which strategies are working well. You can use this information to make adjustments and try a different approach.

Advanced Google Trends Techniques for Dropshipping

As a dropshipping business owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date with industry trends. Use data to inform your business decisions. Google trends dropshippingis a powerful tool that can help you do this. You can use a few advanced techniques to get even more out of it.

Using Google Trends data to forecast future trends

One advanced technique you can use with Google Trends is forecasting future trends. Analyzing the data from Google Trends helps make educated guesses about trends. It also tells which trends are likely to continue and which may be on their way out. So you can make strategic decisions about your marketing efforts.

For example, let’s say you’re running a dropshipping business that sells outdoor gear. You can use Google Trends to see how popular outdoor gear is. This data helps analyze trends. If a particular type of gear is consistently gaining in popularity, you may consider stocking more of those products in your store. At the same time, you can avoid marketing products with low demand. It lets you focus your energy and money on in-demand products.

Using Google Correlate to identify related trends and potential new product ideas

Another advanced technique you can use with Google Trends dropshipping 2023is Google Correlate. Google Correlate allows you to enter a trend and see other trends that are related to it. This can be useful for identifying potential new product ideas. It also helps find other worth-targeting trends. You can identify potential new product ideas or marketing angles that you may not have considered.

Using Google Trends Data to Drive Success

Now that you know how to find data through Google Trends, it’s time to learn more.

Identifying Seasonal Trends

You can use Google Trends to find the popularity of products in different seasons. It is especially beneficial for drop shippers who focus on trending products. You can make decisions about adding more products to your store. It also helps choose the right products to promote at certain times.

Using Regional Trends

Besides seasonal trends, regional trends are also important. Consumers in all countries of the world are different from each other. They have different preferences and choices. Thus, Google Trends dropshipping products can help pick the right choices. You can research trending products in your region and source them. Drop shippers that target specific regions benefit more from this approach. It also helps in ad targeting.

Targeting Specific Demographics

You can use Google Trends to see how popular different products are among different age groups or geographic regions. This can help you tailor your marketing efforts to specific demographics and increase your chances of success.

Researching Competitors

By using Google Trends to see how popular your competitors’ products are, you can get a sense of what works well for them and what may be worth incorporating into your business.


Google Trends dropshipping has become essential to dropshipping now. Dropshippers are using Google Trends dropshipping products to boost their sales. Google Trends gives you information about trending products around the world. You can also view details of trends per your need. You may filter according to region or interest. The graphs in Google Trends show the increase or decrease in demand for products or niches over time. They also give details about the products’ popularity in a particular region.

Use Google Trends dropshipping 2023 for your business and see the difference yourself!


How do you dropship successfully in 2023?

Dropshipping is simple when you know how to succeed. And there is no secret formula for dropshipping success. Drop shippers use different strategies to see which one suits them the best. Conducting proper market research is critical to dropshipping. Pick Google Trends dropshipping products for instant sales. They can act as boosters besides your evergreen products. Also, market your products according to interest in the region. Some products sell better in particular areas than others. Automate your processes to receive better profits without spending a lot of time on them.

How do I find niches on Google Trends?

Using Google Trends is too easy, much more than many think. The user interface is simple for everyone to understand. You can find niches on Google Trends by visiting Explore on the web page and selecting your region. Now, choose a time change for the data you want. It then allows you to select your category and explore topics and search queries. Mention your keyword or niche name here to find the desired niche.

What are the hottest dropshipping products right now?

Every drop shipper has this question on their mind. It is especially a point of concern for new drop shippers. Studies show that makeup and beauty are one of the top dropshipping products now. Baby products like hip seats and manual breast pumps have gained more popularity in the last few years. You can also pick home décor and car accessories to grow your business.

shailesh is a Design Founder & Advisor, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA participant, Zippie advisor, Wolt co-founder, and Nordic Rose stakeholder.

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