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Never worry about having a witness again.
With a dashcam, you’re protected by video evidence 100% of the time. 
Having tangible evidence of an accident is a no-brainer for any situation involving insurance companies or even traffic court scenarios. 
Countless tickets have been dismissed due to evidence of innocence from dashcams, and even more insurance scams have been foiled.

The best part? In either of those scenarios, the dashcam pays for itself. Think of it as an investment.

Some features of this DashCam are listed below


Excellent Front and Rear Video Quality

It features a high-end video processor that records at 1080P Full HD resolution for the front cam and 720P HD for the rear cam. It provides detailed evidence of accidents or to prevent insurance fraud.
full hd dashcam

Superior Video Quality for Night Driving

Thanks to advanced sensor, the f/1.8 large aperture and Wide Dynamic Range, this cam records full high-quality videos under low-light conditions.
dashcam night vesion

Broader Field of Front and Rear View

Includes a 170° ultra wide angle all-glass lens for both the front and rear cameras which can monitor 6 lanes without distortion. No dead angle.
dashcam 170° ultra wide angle

24 Hours Monitor & Anti-thief

The cam will record automatically whenever it detects car vibration as a evidence to protect your legal rights.
dashcam record parking mode

Loop Recording & G-sensor Protection

The dash cam can record continuously as the oldest videos will be replaced by newest videos when memory card is full. Important clips will be locked and will not be overwritten.
dashcam loop recording

Easy to Use & Valued Added Accessories

It comes with a complete set of accessories for your immediate use. 2 ways to install the rear camera. The setup is simple and convenient – open it, install it, and start it.
easy to use dashcam


We recommend a 32gb Micro SD card (not included). Anything with higher storage will need to be formatted(FAT32) before use.
Frequently asked questions
Q: How is the dashcam powered? Do I have to turn it on every time?
A: Our dashcams are powered by a 12v outlet/cigarette lighter. When you turn your vehicle on, your dashcam powers on with it.
Q: How is footage stored? Do I need to delete footage for more storage?
A: Footage is stored on a Micro SD card. The cams utilize a feature called Loop Recording. Loop recording overwrites old footage and replaces the old footage with new footage. 
Q: What if Loop Recording deletes my important video?
A: Protected files are created by the Dashcam detecting a collision, or by manually stopping the recording. Protected files are exempt from Loop Recording. 
Q: How do I transfer footage from my dashcam?
A: All of our dashcams come with USB transfer cable. Simply plug the cam into a laptop and it works similar to a Flash Drive or Floppy Disk. 
Q: What if someone hits my car while it’s parked?
A: Our dashcams utilize a feature called Parking Monitor. When the dashcam detects a collision, it will power on and record for a short period of time.
Keep in mind that with a dashcam, you always have a witness on the road – even while driving alone. This greatly reduces insurance fraud and benefits in traffic court scenarios. We hope you make the right decision and equip your vehicle with this essential tool. Thank you for viewing our product and have a great day!

Package Contents

1x Car DVR
1x Rear View Camera
1x Car Charger
1x Bracket
1x User Manual


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