22-Piece Decompression Fidget Sensory Toy Set Stress Relief Toy Kit


Relieve your stress and train your mind to
focus with this 22-piece Decompression Fidget Sensory Toy Set. These toys are
the perfect tools in releasing your pent-up anger and stress, and is good for
children with special needs to exercise their skills and ease their tension and

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Product Description:

These fidget toys can effectively reduce your
stress and anxiety after working all day. They can help relieve your stress and
anxiety and can help enhance your memory. You can carry these toys with you or
bring them to your classroom, home, or office.

The sensory fidget toy set is made of safe and
non-toxic material. These toys are guaranteed durable, has an anti-resistance
property, lightweight, and functional which are totally safe for adults and
children. Making it a great fun tool for reducing stress and anxiety.

The Sensory Fidget Toys Set is super lightweight;
you can take them and play them anywhere at any time. You can use this to pass
some time and relieve stress. You can also share and play with your family,

These Sensory Fidget Toys are suitable for all
ages. The set comes in 22 pieces so you get to have more items to play and
share with. These are the best gifts for your kid’s birthday party and a
perfect way to relieve stress.


Product Specification:

Color: Multi Color

Material: Plastic

Product volume: 20.0 cm * 7.5 cm * 13.0 cm

Weight: 500g

Functions: Decompression Toy


Package Inclusion:

1 * Extrusion bubble

1 * Rainbow ball cube

4 * Stretchy strings

4 * Mesh and marble toys

1 * Infinity cube

2 * Wacky tracks

3 * Squeeze soybean

4 * Mochi squishy toys

2 * Squeeze footballs



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