3 Speed Portable Bladeless Handheld USB Rechargeable Fan


Keep yourself cool from the summer heat
with this Portable Bladeless Handheld Rechargeable Fan. This fan has a portable
and lightweight design, which enables you to carry and transport it with ease.
Perfect for home and office use.

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Product Description:

This portable fan
features unique bladeless fan technology. It works without the traditional
fans, freeing you from the injury, you might get from touching the blades,
making it safe for children and babies to use.

This Portable Fan has a
built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, when working at low-speed will give you
5h of working time, medium-speed gives you 4h of working time and using it on
its max-speed will give you up to 3h of working time.

This fan is made with a
unique design that conforms to aerodynamics, absorbing the wind from different
angles up to 360°, giving you a cool, dust-free wind that will help ease your
hot summer feeling.

Due to its bladeless
technology, the fan emits noise not higher than 80dB, giving you no worries
when you use it while working or when your child is sleeping. It can also be
used in different applications such as going out on travels, commutes, walking
to the park, or other indoor and outdoor activities.



Color: Blue, Black,

Material: PC, ABS

Size: 210*60*68mm

Weight: 151g

Functions: Wireless
Portable Fan

Usage Time: Mode 1- 5
hours, Mode 2- 4 hours, Mode 3- 3 hours

Charging Time: 3-4

Battery Information:
Li-ion 3.7V 1200mAh

Input: DC 5V,1A

Output Voltage: DC 3.7V

Speed: 3

Charging Interface: USB

Package Inclusion:

1 x Advanced Portable
Electric Fan

1 x Fan Base

1 x Micro USB 5-Pin


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Weight 0.2 kg

Black, Blue, White


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