Eye Protection Dimmable Reading USB Rechargeable Lamp


Read your favorite book or study diligently
at night without disturbing others’ sleep with this Dimmable Reading LED Night
Light. You can place this light anywhere you want and dim the light as you see

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Product Description:

This Dimmable Reading Night Light has an upgraded
function that reacts to your movement and can even be dimmed in 5 different
light levels. These functions are ideal in protecting your eyes at night while
reading your book before going to sleep or to light your way to your quick trips
to the bathroom and kitchen at night.

When you use this light, you don’t have to stand up
and turn on and off the light. It is equipped with motion sensors that enable
the light to turn on and off automatically when it senses your presence. It has
a sensing distance of 5 meters, and can also detect motion for up to 120°.

To adjust the brightness of the lamp, you can press
the button one at a time until you get to your desired brightness, or press it
without lifting your finger so you get to choose the light’s brightness without


Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 42 * 51 * 130 mm

Weight: 180g

Functions: LED Night Light

Charging Time: 4 hours

Usage Time: High: 3 hours, Medium: 6 hours, Low:
100 hours

Battery Information: 1200mAh

Rated Voltage: 5V 1A


Package Inclusion:

1 * Dimmable and Rechargeable Night Lamp

1 * Magnet

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual


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