Portable Wireless Wooden Charging Pad for QI Enabled Devices


Keep your mobile charged as you sleep or
when it is not in use with this Portable Wireless Wooden Charging Pad for QI
Enabled Devices. This pad has a wooden design and is available in different
shapes that goes well into your home and office’s interior.

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Product Description:

This wireless charging
pad has a portable design that enables you to use your device even when it is
charging. This makes your device always accessible so you can answer a call and
review messages without having to unplug it from the charger.

To use the charger,
simply place down any Qi-enabled device or device equipped with a Qi-compatible
cover, no cables or USB interface required. It has an automatic power-off when
the device is fully charged so it never overcharges your battery or waste

Works for Apple iPhone
8/8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, S8/S7/Note 5, LG G2/G3, Galaxy S6, Nexus 6,
Moto Droid Turbo, Nexus 5/7(2013)/4, MOTO Droid Maxx/Droid Mini, HTC Droid DNA,
HTC Rzound, Blackberry Z30, Pentax WG-III camera, and Other Qi-Enabled Phones
and Tablets



Shape: Square, Round,
Polygon, Heart

Material: Wood

Size: 92 * 92 * 9 mm

Weight: 135g

Functions: Charging Pad

Input voltage: 5V

Transmitting power: 5W

Output current: 5V1A

Transmission distance:

Charging efficiency:

Working frequency:

Charging power: up to


Package Inclusion:

1 * Wooden Charging Pad


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Weight 0.15 kg


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