Rainbow Silicone Phone Case for iPhone Devices Stress Reliever Pop Bubble


Relieve your stress while simulating
countless bubble wrap popping with this Rainbow Silicone Phone Case. This phone
case protects your phone from sudden falls and damages and helps relieve your stress
and anxiety at the same time.

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This Pop Bubble Mobile Phone Case simulates
bubble wrap popping and emits the popping sound that you can’t resist which
helps soothe and calm your nerves. It is compatible with iPhone devices, can be
carried and blends well into your outfits.

This product serves not only as a phone
case but also as a fidget toy. It is made out of Silicone Materials that are
guaranteed, lightweight. It is also equipped with anti-fingerprint and anti-drop
functions and is sleek enough to be played while waiting in line on a
restaurant, trains, airports, and cars.

The mobile phone case takes advantage of
decompression principles. Taking the chess thinking mouse design, you can
participate in puzzle battles with friends, it is nice as a birthday, holiday,
Easter gift or surprise gift for friends, colleagues, and kids.

Note: The rainbow model unfolds
automatically, the green model does not. It will recover automatically after
pressing the bubble. If it is dirty, take out the phone and wash it with water
and you can use it after drying.



Color: Purple, Green, Red

Material: Silicone

Weight: 120g

Functions: Mobile Phone Case

Compatibility: iPhone 12, iPhone 12Pro,
iPhone 12ProMax, iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro, iPhone 11ProMAX, iPhone XSMAX, iPhone
X/XS, iPhone XR



1 * Phone Case

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Weight0.12 kg
Color and Model

iPhone12- Purple, iPhone12-Green, iPhone12-Red, iPhone12 Pro-Purple, iPhone12 Pro-Green, iPhone12 Pro-Red, iPhone 12ProMax-Purple, iPhone 12ProMax-Green, iPhone 12ProMax-Red, iPhone 11-Purple, iPhone 11-Green, iPhone 11-Red, iPhone 11Pro-Purple, iPhone 11Pro-Green, iPhone 11Pro-Red, iPhone 11ProMAX-Purple, iPhone 11ProMAX-Green, iPhone 11ProMAX-Red, iPhone XSMAX-Purple, iPhone XSMAX-Green, iPhone XSMAX-Red, iPhoneX-XS-Purple, iPhone-XS-Green, iPhone-XS-Red, iPhone XR-Purple, iPhone XR-Green, iPhone XR-Red


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