USB Rechargeable Ultrasonic Dental Calculus Remover


This product uses a cleaning head with the same structure as
the dentist uses, which can effectively remove obvious calculus, maintaining
the health of your teeth and gums.

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Product Description:

The UItrasonic Dental Cleaner can effectively separate
dental plaque, dental calculus, and stains. It effectively removes accumulated
tartar easily from the teeth preventing gum disease and tooth decay. It uses
the advanced ultrasonic technology.

It works with 30000 times per minute high-intensity
frequency, effectively smashing the stubborn calculus, reducing the incurred
damages to the tooth’s enamel and gum, which may be caused by manual dental

This Ultrasonic Dental Scaler is equipped with 3 intensity
levels, enabling the product to meet and address the different dental needs of
different groups of people, perfectly suitable for adults and kids.

The Oral cleaner is equipped with 800mAh built-in Polymer
battery and can recharged fast and safely through the use of the USB charging
cable that is included in the package. A single full charged can be used about
200 times, so you can bring it into your travels without worrying about power

This Electric Tooth Cleaner is made with food-grade ABS and
304 stainless steel head, making it safe to use. It also has a waterproof level
of IPX6 level so sudden splashing of water will not damage the product, but
please take note that the product should not be submerged in water. It is the low-cost
solution in comparison to the dentist and ideal to keep it handy in the
bathroom or to take with you when you travel.



Color: White

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

Size: 2.5 * 2 * 21 cm

Weight: 315g

Functions: Dental Calculus Remover

Usage Time: 40-90 mins

Charging Time: 3-4 hours

Battery Information: 800mAh

Power Supply: USB Interface


Package Inclusion:

1 * Main Unit

3 * Replacement Heads

1 * Mini Wrench

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * Mouth Mirror

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Weight 0.35 kg


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