USB Charging Cordless Air Duster and Blower for Car and PC


Make sure that your car and computer keyboard is free from
dust and other fine particles with this Cordless Air Duster and Blower. It has
a USB Charging interface, making it convenient to use when needed.

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This air duster
is one of the few products on the market with a rotating air outlet. It can freely
rotate within a range of 90°, thereby freeing your hands and improving cleaning

This duster is
equipped with a removable nozzle and disassembly design, making it is easy to
store, where it only needs a simple rotation to complete the storage.

It also comes
with an upgraded max power 60W, with 40000 RPM motor that provides ultra-strong
airflow (almost 200L-220L/MIN) for deep cleaning of microscopic dust, fit for different
devices cleaning ranging from the computer, camera lens, PS4/5, laptop, air
conditioners, sofa, printed circuit boards to electronic instruments, and
medical devices.

The air blower
comes with a full black body, with a modern and simple design. It is made with
excellent workmanship that you can hardly see any seams. It also has fewer
screw holes and has an air inlet design on its back which prevents the dust
from entering the blower.

This device is
steel-made and has a vertical hidden fan blade design where you can’t directly
see and touch the high-speed rotating fan blades, which greatly extends the
working life of the duster blade, more efficient and much safer for kids to

To activate and
change usage modes, keep pressing the power button, the indicator lights up,
the machine will work until the power button is released; Double-click the
power button, the indicator lights up, the machine will work continuously until
you press the power button again.



Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size: 89 * 165 mm

Weight: 362g

Functions: Dust

Usage Time: 25-30

Charging Time:
2-3 hours

Information: 6000mAh

Interface: USB



1 * Dust Cleaner
for PC

1 * Brush Nozzle

1 * Air Blower

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual


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Weight 1.0 kg



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