USB Plugged-in Remote Controlled 16 Colors LED Sunset Light Projector


The sunset-style atmosphere decorative LED
floor lamp can create the atmosphere of the sun rising during the day. The lamp
head can be rotated 180° and can produce different lights from different
angles, thus bringing different effects to your room.


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The rainbow sunset lamp holder can be
adjusted 360 degrees, and the light pole can be rotated 180 degrees. The sunset
projection LED light can be controlled by the remote control, and the RGB color
can be changed. It has a total of 16 colors that can be changed. You can also
increase or decrease the brightness of the light and the light is equipped with
four modes to choose from. Our sunset projection floor lamp comes with a
1.2-meter cable switch.

This lamp can be used immediately. You can
place it in an instant like a light stand. Whenever you want to change your
mood, or you want to bring the romantic summer atmosphere into your room. You
don’t need windows or a clear sky to enjoy the magical atmosphere brought by the

This 270mm LED lamp is made of high-quality
materials. It makes the sunset light more stable and guaranteed to have a
longer service life. The stable base and stable light pole ensure that the bulb
does not wobble in its place. The lamp is also very suitable as an
indoor lamp or bedroom lamp and is suitable for taking pictures and videos.

Different light can be produced from
different angles to bring different effects to your room. The size and shape of
the aperture can be adjusted by rotating the light. Modern LED lights can
provide energy-saving and efficient lighting for your house or office.



Color: Black

Material: Iron, Aluminum

Size: 270 * 100 mm

Weight: 350g

Functions: Sunset Projector

Power supply: 6W

Voltage and current: 5V/1A

Power supply mode: USB direct plug

Luminous color: RGB 16 colors



1 * LED Sunset projector

1 * Remote Control

1 * USB manual

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