USB Rechargeable Cordless Hair Beard Trimmer- LCD Display


Trim your beard according to your
preferences and at the comfort of your own home with this Cordless Hair and
Beard Trimmer. It also supports USB charging, making it cost-efficient in the
long run. 

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This beard
trimmer has a low noise processing technology according to international
standards, making the haircut process a lot quieter and more comfortable. The
unique shape of the blade prevents skin injuries and is ideal for children and

The hair clipper
supports charging via a USB cable. You can use the charging station or plug it
directly into the power adapter to charge it. The ultra-clear smart LCD can
show the remaining power. The compact housing is easy to transport and ideal
for professional hair salons, travel, or home use.

The innovative
design of the suspension cutting head gives the trimmer strong heat
dissipation, sharpness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance at high
temperature, wear resistance, and waterproofness. Note: Always keep it sharp to
ensure long shelf life.

It comes with
complete accessories, making it versatile and easy to use. It is also compact
and is easy to carry, very suitable for traveling. It can be comfortably held
in hand, the handle is comfortable to hold, light and portable, and easy to
carry. Equipped with a full set of positioning combs, it is easy to cut the
whole family’s hair.



Color: Grey,
Bronze, Green, Purple

Tool Head Material:
Stainless Steel

Size: 15.5 * 4.5
* 2.8 cm

Weight: 420g

Functions: Hair

Usage Time:

Charging Time: 2

Information: 3V, 1500mAh

Power: 10W

110V-240V, 50-60Hz



1 * Hair Clipper

3 * Combs

1 * Cleaning

1 * USB Charging

1 * User Manual


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